COBIT2019 Bridge Course

Description: COBIT is a framework for the governance and management of enterprise Information and Technology that supports enterprise goal achievement. This one-day bridge course highlights the concepts, models and key definitions of the new framework and explains the differences between this recent release of COBIT 2019 with COBIT 5.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the context, benefits and key reasons COBIT is used as an information and technology governance framework.
  • Compare the key attributes of the updated COBIT framework with COBIT5
  • Recognize the target audience of COBIT 2019.
  • Discover the updated COBIT principles for governance system framework.
  • Identify the changes to the COBIT publications scheme.
  • Describe the updated components of a governance system:
  • Governance and management objectives
  • Components of the governance system
  • Focus areas
  • Design factors
  • Compare the updated COBIT goals cascade with COBIT5.
  • Differentiate COBIT based performance management using maturity and capability perspectives.
  • Discover how to design a tailored governance system using COBIT.
  • Describe the relationships between the COBIT Design and Implementation Guides.
  • Explain the key points of the COBIT business case.
  • Recall the alignment of COBIT with other applicable frameworks, standards and bodies of knowledge.

Who Should Attend? This Bridge Course is intended for current COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate holders who are interested in understanding the key differences between COBIT 5 and COBIT 2019. Additionally, as a transition for COBIT 5 Foundations Accredited Trainers interested in COBIT 2019 Foundation training.

Prerequisites: Students must be a current COBIT5 Foundation certificate holder. The COBIT5 Foundation certificate must be issued by one of ISACAs accreditation bodies (APMG or People Cert).

Duration: 1 Day / 8 Hours including EXAM


Syllabus Area Title

  • Module 1 – Course Introduction
  • Module 2 – COBIT Overview
  • Module 3 – COBIT Principles
  • Module 4 – Governance System and Components
  • Module 5 – Governance and Management Objectives
  • Module 6 – Performance Management in COBIT


  • Module 7 – Designing a Tailored Governance System
  • Module 8 – The COBIT Business Case
  • Module 9 – Implementing Enterprise Governance Over IT
  • Module 10 – Closing, questions and discussion
  • Final Exam

Exam Format

  • Multiple Choice format
  • 20 questions per paper
  • 40 minute duration
  • One correct answer for each question, using three choices (A, B or C)
  • Pass rate is 75%, or 15/20 questions
  • Closed book.