Certified IT Asset Manager (CITAM) Course

Description: The IAITAM Certified Software Asset Manager (“CSAM”) Course is a foundational education program that ensures students are able to manage software assets. Students also learn about the ever-changing variables throughout our industry. From software piracy and compliance issues to legislation and organizational challenges, it is necessary to evaluate both the internal and external influences that bring about change in how organizations manage their IT assets. A successful Software Asset Manager must look at the overall goals of the organization and determine where Software Asset Management will be a strategic influence in achieving those goals.

Learning Outcomes:

Who Should Attend?

The CITAM Course, intended to guide individuals within the profession and align the needs of the organization with ITAM best practices for the benefit of the organization. This hands-on course will allow professionals to review existing infrastructure, policies and processes and work from the existing model and plan a real-world IT Asset Management Program for the future – one that is applicable to the global work place and inclusive of a widely dynamic range of issues as well as properly managing IT assets across the enterprise.

Prerequisites: Strong IT Asset Management experience or having CSAM/CHAMP certifications

Duration: 3 Days / 21 Hours



  • What is IT Asset Management
  • The 12 IAITAM KPAs
  • What is Program Management?
  • Project Management and ITAM
  • Process Development
  • Policies and ITAM
  • Overview of Other KPAs
  • The 12 IAITAM KPA Dependencies
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Overall KPA Projects​
  • Prioritization
  • Measuring the Program’s Success
  • Obtain Executive Backing
  • Assessment Leads to Improvement
  • ITAM Is Not A Core Business Function
Exam Format:
  • Online and Open book exam
  • 3 Hour duration
  • One hundred (100) questions and a passing mark is achieved by attaining 85% or higher
  • One test retake is free of charge for those that fail to achieve pass status on the first attempt; retakes are available after a 24 hour window of the first attempt and must be completed during the 14 day open period.